Like her -- because the Chanel.

Always do not think she has any special. One day, she passed from the side, a fresh lifted a familiar scent across the tip of the nose. It is that men will look back and remember the taste, is always loving and sealed in the heart taste -- yellow Chanel encounter opportunities. I could not help but look back to see her one eye, found her -- a more special. Because the Chanel? Memory file let I went looking for the familiar story, that was my first love like the taste! Unfortunately, her family emigrated abroad two years ago. I have to go to the counter to see that perfume, expensive. Because do not understand, I asked my sister, she let me type online shopping. After coming home on the sister jingle optimal purchase network. I see the price so low, much lower than the counter, is not false! My sister did not see me, just let me hurriedly call money, said to be tricked you sister still cheat you? Think also, I did. The very next day, Dongdong. I went straight to her office, ask her the very next day evening meal. She was very surprised! See her heart and desire. That day, I talked for a long time, when I gave her the bottle of Chanel perfume. That night, she texted me back: how do you know I like Chanel, thank you! I thought to myself, that is my familiar taste! The familiar let me dilution had memory at the same time, ready to start writing a new story. The feeling of love is really beautiful!

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